Empty Printer Cartridges Requested

Eggar’s PTA are working with ‘Empties Please’, a company that collect and recycle used ink and toner cartridges in an environmentally and friendly way to raise money for school funds. Students will be bringing home an ‘Empties Please’ recycling bag. There is a collection bin in the reception area for your empties. You can collect ink cartridges from absolutely anywhere i.e. work, home, clubs, friends and family.

To view which empty ink cartridges we can recycle, please see the website, www.emptiesplease.com

If you are able to display a collection bin in your workplace on behalf of Eggar’s, please contact ‘Empties Please’ on 0844 879 7179 or email info@emptiesplease.com. Please ensure you provide Eggar’s name so proceeds are credited to us.

Extra bags are available, but you can fit quite a few cartridges into one bag. Please do not put them in the post as they must be returned to us in a recycling bag. The more cartridges we can collect the more we can raise. The sky’s the limit! Let’s make it a great success. Happy collecting!